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A Free Community Event: Try Sailing Day 18th of Feb 2018

On the 18th of Feb 2018 commencing at 8.30am we will be inviting members of the public to come and try sailing.


a free community event which allows all member of the family to get out on the inlet, on Sailing boats of all size to promote the social, community and competitive sides of our sport.

If you are interested in try sailing on dinghies register by following the link

If you are interested in try sailing on Yachts Register by following the link


If you are interested in try sailing on our Sailability Vessels register by following the link

For more information or to volunteer on the day please contact Andy (SWD)Neil (Yachts) or Scott (dinghies)



Lindsay Joice 2017 Series Race 1 – Fitzroy Island


In 2017 the Lindsay Joice series will be a series of 5 races on the following days:

  • Saturday 25th of Feb – Race to Fitzroy Island 
  • Saturday 4th of March – Bay Race
  • Sunday 12th of March – Double Island Race
  • Saturday 25th of March – Ladies Day Race
  • Saturday 8th of April – Inlet Race

The first race will commence at 10am on the 25th of Feb, following a race briefing at 9am.

FIRST PRIZE: Accommodation and Transfer at Fitzroy Island

SECOND PRIZE: Deckstore Voucher (valued at $50)

THIRD PRIZE: Deckstore Voucher (valued at $30)


Please ensure that you completed your safety (cat 6) check prior to the race series commencing.

We would encourage all skippers to nominate for the whole 5 race series ( Nomination Fee of $225 ).


Each race will have it own prize, and each race will add to the LINDSAY JOICE SERIES POINT SCORE.


Sailing instruction will be posted prior to each race on the website and on our facebook page.


Yachts Members Non Members
1 day race fee $65 $75
2day/weekend race fee $95 $85
series fee 3 week $135 $155
series fee 4 week $180 $200
series fee 5 week $225 $245
Dinghies Members Non Members
1 person boat
1 day race fee $15 $25
2day/weekend race fee $30 $40
series fee 3 week $30 $50
series fee 4 week $40 $60
series fee 5 week $50 $70
2 person boat
1 day race fee $25 $35
2day/weekend race fee $50 $60
series fee 3 week $60 $80
series fee 4 week $80 $100
series fee 5 week $100 $120


please indicate your interest early to Bill and Neil

Ellis Beach Series 1. – NOMINATE NOW !!!

So following on from the success of the opening regatta the first series Ellis Beach Series will be held leading into Mickey INK Race week and the Tinaroo May Day Regatta – This stand alone series will be a great opportunity for all OTB and Dinghy Classes to race as part of a mixed fleet. It will be AMAZBALLS


10th, 17th & 24th of April


10am each day for a 11am start


Will provided on the day at the 10am briefings

No starts after 2pm


Nominations will be taken on the day but please email Rhys to indicate which days you will be attending

Nominations fee can be found via the attached link


CYC club Lasers and Pacers and Bics will be available for use by club members at our standard rate. Please contact Scott to book a vessel ( preference will be given to those individuals who can race the full series). Due to limited numbers of club vessels and the issues associate with moving the vessels BOOKING ARE ESSENTIAL )

Remember the Ellis Beach facility is CASH ONLY.


BTW on the 24th and 25th of April there will be a tackers program running at the same time – lets welcome the new sailors to our club.

CYC Christmas Party – Race to Fitzroy Island

For the final event of 2016, we hope that all vessels and crew can join the CYC Race to Fitzroy Island.

The Race will commence at 11am, Race breifing will be held at 10.30am in the boatshed.

Nomination fee of $40/ vessel.

Please let Bill or the Office know if you intend on joining this event

Hope to see you there !!!



CYC Anniversary Regatta 28-29th of November 2015


Anniversary Regatta – 2015

Anniversary Regatta - 2015Calling all vessels and crew to join in the Anniversary Regatta on the 28and 29th of Nov 2015.

A race series designed to get you out racing.

Sat 28th November Briefing – 10.00 AM Race 1 – 11.00 AM Start CYC to Yorkey’s Knob

Sun 29th November – Race 2 & 3 – First Start 10.00 AM Trinity Bay buoy races

Nominations close 18:00 Thursday 26th November 2015
Email: nominationscyc12@gmail.com

Nomination Fee: $60.00 per boat for 3 Races, $40.00 per boat for 1 race


Bill Munro – Fleet Captain Phone: 0408 072 152
Phone: 07 4031 2750


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