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2017 All Skippers Briefing : Mandatory attendence (9th of Feb 6pm – CYC Boat Shed)

This year as part of our obligations under the MSQ Aquatic Events Approval, we are asking that all CYC Skippers and Crew attend a briefing at 6pm on the 9th of Feburary 2017.

Subjects to be covered:

  • CAT 6 Safety requirements
  • 2017 CYC Safety Management Plan
  • Local Rules and regulations
  •  VTS Cairns and Local Port Rules
  • 2017 Sailing Events Calendar

For more information please contact Neil or Bill

Lindsay Joice 2017 Series Race 1 – Fitzroy Island


In 2017 the Lindsay Joice series will be a series of 5 races on the following days:

  • Saturday 25th of Feb – Race to Fitzroy Island 
  • Saturday 4th of March – Bay Race
  • Sunday 12th of March – Double Island Race
  • Saturday 25th of March – Ladies Day Race
  • Saturday 8th of April – Inlet Race

The first race will commence at 10am on the 25th of Feb, following a race briefing at 9am.

FIRST PRIZE: Accommodation and Transfer at Fitzroy Island

SECOND PRIZE: Deckstore Voucher (valued at $50)

THIRD PRIZE: Deckstore Voucher (valued at $30)


Please ensure that you completed your safety (cat 6) check prior to the race series commencing.

We would encourage all skippers to nominate for the whole 5 race series ( Nomination Fee of $225 ).


Each race will have it own prize, and each race will add to the LINDSAY JOICE SERIES POINT SCORE.


Sailing instruction will be posted prior to each race on the website and on our facebook page.


Yachts Members Non Members
1 day race fee $65 $75
2day/weekend race fee $95 $85
series fee 3 week $135 $155
series fee 4 week $180 $200
series fee 5 week $225 $245
Dinghies Members Non Members
1 person boat
1 day race fee $15 $25
2day/weekend race fee $30 $40
series fee 3 week $30 $50
series fee 4 week $40 $60
series fee 5 week $50 $70
2 person boat
1 day race fee $25 $35
2day/weekend race fee $50 $60
series fee 3 week $60 $80
series fee 4 week $80 $100
series fee 5 week $100 $120


please indicate your interest early to Bill and Neil

2017 CYC Safety Management Plan and Aquatic Licence (PLEASE READ)

As you would all be aware for each of the CYC events it is requirement of all boat skippers/ owners and crew to operate under the CYC Safety Management Plan and inline with the Approved Aquatic Licence.

The plan is to conduct a MANDATORY ALL SKIPPERS BRIEFING in the near future but to ensure that you are aware of the clubs obligations I have now included the relevant document on the website which can be accessed by following the links below: The Aquatic Licence approval and key requirements are be put up in the boatshed soon or can be accessed by emailing the office



Dinghy Learn to Sail Course 1/2

Commencing on Saturday 21st of Jan, the Cairns Yacht Club will be conducting a “dinghy learn to sail program”.

The program which will go for 4 weeks from the 21st of Jan to the 11th of Feb (08.00 to 14.00 hours) is designed to teach all the key skills required to sail a small sailing vessel safely.

Great fun for all the family. for more information please contact the office on cyc@cairns.net.au

Register your interest here:


Fees of $200 / student for the full course or if you are a family group please contact the office

check out the following link on having fun sailing



Overview Your Discover Sailing journey starts here as you learn and master the fundamental  skills of sailing and are introduced to the fun of dinghy sailing in a safe and supportive environment..
Length 25 hours
Outcomes This will allow participants the freedom of sailing dinghies with the guidance of a Yachting Australia dinghy instructor
Pre-requisites Water confident

Stinger and sun protection clothing is essential
8 years old

Who should do this course? This course is recommended to anyone wishing to learn to sail an off the beach sailing dinghy. Continue along the pathway to achieve your Better Sailing and Racing certificates.
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