Saturday Afternoon Go Sailing

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Saturday Afternoon Go Sailing









SAGS is a traditional event in many sailing clubs and the CYC is no different. SAGS is a great opportunity to develop new skills, get to know other club members and to test your skills in a more social sailing situation. Spinnakers can be used during SAGS races.

SAGS is on every Saturday. Performance-based handicap results are determined using yacht racing software, therefore skippers must nominate and pay their fees prior to the race (handicaps must be calculated prior to the race for all new boats entering the series).

SAGS will at times coincide with our club racing where a Saturday afternoon club race will also count as a race in the SAGS series (please check the club sailing calendar for details of weekend club races). On those other Saturdays when we don’t have a club race, then SAGS will be a Rum Race with handicap results counting towards the series scores. We’ll be running a total of four SAGS series throughout 2015.

Nominations for the Rum Race are received between 12:00 and 12:15 each Saturday, with a fleet start occurring at 13:30 GPS time. The starting line will be shown in the sailing instructions on the course sheet.

SAGS is conducted without the need for volunteers being available every weekend to start the race, therefore the countdown to the start is on GPS time only, and the inlet navigation markers are used as our race markers. The finish line is the gate between harbour marker T2 and the northeast corner of Sailfish Quay. At the end of the race, skippers must note their finish time so that handicap honours can be calculated on adjusted times.

Skippers and crews meet at the boatshed after the race for a bbq while the race results are finalised and the winner announced. SAGS races are conducted in accordance with the Yachting Australia Racing Rules of Sailing and our Local Rules.

Protests are not permitted in SAGS races, and any on-water incidents must be resolved by friendly discussion between skippers. The SAGS Race Officer can disqualify any competitor for starting early or for a breach of the rules.

All multihulls and keelboats (including non-members) are welcome to participate in our social races. We offer day membership to visitors, so that our visitors are covered for personal accident insurance.

SAGS is on every Saturday at 12 noon.

SAGS Race Nomination Form

CYC Local Rules

Contact the CYC office for more information.