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A Free Community Event: Try Sailing Day 18th of Feb 2018

On the 18th of Feb 2018 commencing at 8.30am we will be inviting members of the public to come and try sailing.


a free community event which allows all member of the family to get out on the inlet, on Sailing boats of all size to promote the social, community and competitive sides of our sport.

If you are interested in try sailing on dinghies register by following the link

If you are interested in try sailing on Yachts Register by following the link


If you are interested in try sailing on our Sailability Vessels register by following the link

For more information or to volunteer on the day please contact Andy (SWD)Neil (Yachts) or Scott (dinghies)



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Sailablity Cairns (formerly SWD) has rebranded

Sailors with a disability are now called Sailability Cairns and the facebook page  is named the same. Anyone can join…. Just view the Facebook page and ask to join.

The program provides opportunities for people with a disability to discover sailing as recreation, or as a competition outlet and skills development program. Volunteers also learn a range of skills to support the program.
Sailors and volunteers are asked to join the group and check in on the designated training days, so appropriate arrangements will be in place before we begin (generally at 3.00 pm.), on Tuesdays and Thursdays each week..
All participants and volunteers are reminded that this is an alcohol and Drug free program for the duration of each event

Sailability Cairns Raffle

Please be advised that the Sailability Cairns Raffle which was due to be drawn 3rd June will now be drawn 24th June.  Get in and buy your tickets…this is a wonderful opportunity to support such a worthwhile program to go ahead with their plans to purchase a SKUD Universal Design Performance Sailing Vessel.  There are fantastic prizes on offer from our generous sponsors at Quicksilver, Great Adventures Rainforest Station Nature Park, Skyrail & the Australian Butterfly Sanctuary.

From the “Sporting Wheelies and Disabled Association” wesbite

Cairns sailing program at full mast


A weekly sailing program run by the Cairns Yacht Club (CYC) is putting the wind back in the sails of local people with a disability.

The CYC Sailors with a Disability Program runs each Tuesday and Thursday at the Marlin Marina, weather permitting. The program currently supports around 15 participants with a range of physical and intellectual disabilities, with the help of more than 20 volunteers. Skippers Aaron Dee, Andy Murray and Gordon Raleigh manage the two dinghies and safety boat used in the program.

Photo of Cairns Yacht Club's Gordon RaleighGordon (pictured right) has been the program’s champion since it started in November 2014 and is well-known for his passion for inclusion, having been on the Sports CONNECT Education presenter team since 1999.

With the support of the CYC, the program has become one of the most inclusive sailing programs in the region with modified equipment including winches to lower participants into the boats and ramp access in and around the marina. The program’s flexibility ensures participants can be as independent as possible.

Photo of Cairns Yacht Club's hoist in actionParticipant Bob Moore says the program “is a brilliant opportunity to connect with friends”.

“There is an excellent culture that promotes a safe, learning and social environment,” he said.

Gordon and his team of supporters are already looking ahead to expanding the program, with another two adaptive boats on their way up to Cairns and a campaign underway to fund another.

“We hope to continue to develop the program with more boats and members, so we can cater for those who are interested in both the social and competitive side of sailing,” Gordon said.

For more information about the CYC Sailors with a Disability program, visit or contact Gordon on 0411524 262.

CYC Discover Sailing Day – Register your interest here !!

The CYC is hosting a Discover Sailing Day on the Salthouse CYC area for rigging22nd of November.



Discover Sailing Days are FREE to attend and the CYC  look forward to welcoming you and showing you how fun, safe, accessible, and affordable sailing is.

Participating at a Discover Sailing Day is a fantastic way to have a great day out with your partner, friends, work colleagues or family at the club and even enjoy a short sail.

All boats and safety equipment are provided by the Club.



To resister your interest in attending – please follow the link below




Many thanks to our Sponsors  SALTHOUSE and PORTS NORTH

22nd of Nov CYC Discover Sailing Day and CYC Open Day

Poster to be printed and put up in your local area -please help to promote this event


As part of our commitment to increasing participation across all our fleets, CYC is hosting a “Discover Sailing Day ” on Sunday the 22nd of Nov. This is opportunity to invite interested people ( and future clubs members ) to join us on the water, however we need volunteers to:

  • offer to take people for short sails on their boats (participants will be covered by the insurance )
  • host guest at our club house and make them feel welcome
  • run the BBQ

The event will commence at 10am and finish at 4pm.

Volunteers will also be required to make the club look great so if we can ask for volunteers for the Saturday 21st PM to help – that would be wonderful.

We are in the process of getting media releases out the public and we ensure that we have membership forms available on the day.

If you can assist us in any of the above roles, please contact

Bill to offer your boats

Rod to help out the social activities and BBQ at the Club

Scott to help out with taking kids out in dinghys


Cairns Inclusive Community Champions – CYC Sailors with Disablities Program

Inclusive Champion Recreation CYC Award 2015 - GordoA big congratulation to Gordo Raleigh – CYC Rear Commodore and the CYC on being awarded the Cairns Spinal Injuries Australia Recreation Provider Inclusive Communities award, for the CYC work with Sailors with Disabilities .. Bravo to Gordo and all the SWD team on your hard work – Congratulations..

for more information on the CYC SWD program please see our facebook page or our website link

Information on the award