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CYC Discover Sailing Day – Register your interest here !!

The CYC is hosting a Discover Sailing Day on the Salthouse CYC area for rigging22nd of November.



Discover Sailing Days are FREE to attend and the CYC  look forward to welcoming you and showing you how fun, safe, accessible, and affordable sailing is.

Participating at a Discover Sailing Day is a fantastic way to have a great day out with your partner, friends, work colleagues or family at the club and even enjoy a short sail.

All boats and safety equipment are provided by the Club.



To resister your interest in attending – please follow the link below




Many thanks to our Sponsors  SALTHOUSE and PORTS NORTH

22nd of Nov CYC Discover Sailing Day and CYC Open Day

Poster to be printed and put up in your local area -please help to promote this event


As part of our commitment to increasing participation across all our fleets, CYC is hosting a “Discover Sailing Day ” on Sunday the 22nd of Nov. This is opportunity to invite interested people ( and future clubs members ) to join us on the water, however we need volunteers to:

  • offer to take people for short sails on their boats (participants will be covered by the insurance )
  • host guest at our club house and make them feel welcome
  • run the BBQ

The event will commence at 10am and finish at 4pm.

Volunteers will also be required to make the club look great so if we can ask for volunteers for the Saturday 21st PM to help – that would be wonderful.

We are in the process of getting media releases out the public and we ensure that we have membership forms available on the day.

If you can assist us in any of the above roles, please contact

Bill to offer your boats

Rod to help out the social activities and BBQ at the Club

Scott to help out with taking kids out in dinghys


Cairns Inclusive Community Champions – CYC Sailors with Disablities Program

Inclusive Champion Recreation CYC Award 2015 - GordoA big congratulation to Gordo Raleigh – CYC Rear Commodore and the CYC on being awarded the Cairns Spinal Injuries Australia Recreation Provider Inclusive Communities award, for the CYC work with Sailors with Disabilities .. Bravo to Gordo and all the SWD team on your hard work – Congratulations..

for more information on the CYC SWD program please see our facebook page or our website link

Information on the award 



CYC Float in the Cairns Festival Parade – Come and get involved

Hello Sailors and Pirates !

It is only a couple of  weeks until the parade Saturday August 29. We will have 4 boats confirmed being towed with a possible 2 others. Pirates of the Caribbean Music over stereo and a projected photo display. If Pirate gear isn’t your thing wear a club T shirt.  Pirate gear can be any torn shirts ,eye patch, frilly shirts and skirts boots. St Vinnies or Salvos may be worth a look.
For those participants only ,involved with towing boats ,decorating ,lighting ,projecting,or providing sound etc. There will be a dry run to iron out bugs on SUNDAY August 23rd. Meeting 1st at BOATSHED. at 1pm to collect decorations and boats. Then proceed to PICKERS.VYNAL FACTORY CARPARK. CNR BROWN AND MULGRAVE RD at 2PM near DFO.
On Saturday August 29th after the AGM help will be needed to tow the boats and gear to MUNRO MARTIN PARK.(open from 10am).This is where any decorations will be applied to boats and vehicles. It would be good to have this completed by 1.30 pm for those towing or decorating boats
Please be assembled and dressed by 3pm at MUNRO MARTIN PARK where the parade will depart at 3.30 pm in Minnie ST.( A water bottle could be wise).We are toward the end of the parade so walking pirates can still join in up to 5 pm
  • All boats must be securely strapped to trailers.
  • No solid booms just ropes.
  • Maximum height overall is 4.2 metres.   Car + boat 19 mtr.
  • Children under 10 must be accompanied by a parent or older sibling.
  • Parents must meet children at the end of the parade at Spence Street Foggarty Park area.
  • If you have young children we would love some baby pirates.
  • Our aim is to attract children to sailing so lets show a family theme.
  • Help will be needed at the end of the parade to remove decorations and take boats to the boat shed.
Don’t forget to join us for a pirate party at the boat shed after the parade to watch the fireworks, where the bar will be open and sausage sizzle for Gold Coins.This is a great opportunity to showcase our sport so I am expecting good support from all members.
For catering we need an idea of numbers so please email myself  or CYC office email Cairns Yacht Club by the end of next week (14th of August) would be good.
See you at the parade
Janet Kussrow 0422157515
Gordo Raleigh    0411524262
August 14-25 when I will be away

Announcing Sail Cairns : Festival Cup Regatta

SAIL CAIRNS Poster 2015 A4 PRINTThe CYC and the CCYS is pleased to announce the forthcoming 2015 Sail Cairns : Festival Cup Regatta.

for more information please go to  

Nomination form Available

We could like to thank all our sponsors for their support

The Salthouse

Yachting Queensland

The Cairns Festival 


Important Notice to CYC Members

PUBLIC NOTICE – IMPORTANT, PLEASE READ:  Access to the Cairns Yacht Club pontoon is strictly off-limits to all non-members.  You can contact the Marlin Marina on 4052 3866 if you wish to request access to the public dinghy wharf.   Any trespassing tenders may be retrieved from the Marlin Marina dinghy wharf, where Ports North will release it upon payment of any fees due.



We have great facilities at the CYC but as the club gets bigger, they are getting more stretched.  Our pontoon is one of them, and often legitimate dinghies can’t land members because of congestion caused by unauthorised access.


Our solution to this problem is three-fold.  The first being a pontoon extension which will allow more (& easier) member access.  Unfortunately however this is a very expensive exercise therefore, as of 1st July, 2015 there will be an annual fee of $150 for dinghy tie-up, available to CYC Members only.  Members who purchase dinghy access will be issued with a vinyl sticker which will need to be displayed on the inside of the dinghy’s transom.  In addition to displaying a sticker, you will need to register your dinghy with the club via email.  This is a simple procedure requiring a brief description of your dinghy’s distinguishing feature/s and it’s registration number.  Please entitle your email “Dinghy Registration”.  You will need to ensure you follow these 3 steps – pay, display, register – to avoid any adverse “trespass action” being taken by the club (refer to Public Notice above).  We apologise for any inconvenience these changes cause, however we are confident you will find it worthwhile when you experience the resultant ease in congestion.  Thanks for your understanding and cooperation in this matter.

Calling all CYC Photographers – have you got a great photo !!!

With an active sailing community, I am hoping the club members have taken photos and or video which you might be able to share club members. We tend to use the photos as part of the  promotion of CYC different events and keep the website gallery fresh and interesting. If you can help us out please contact Mark L or Scott.    


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