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2017 All Skippers Briefing : Mandatory attendence (9th of Feb 6pm – CYC Boat Shed)

This year as part of our obligations under the MSQ Aquatic Events Approval, we are asking that all CYC Skippers and Crew attend a briefing at 6pm on the 9th of Feburary 2017.

Subjects to be covered:

  • CAT 6 Safety requirements
  • 2017 CYC Safety Management Plan
  • Local Rules and regulations
  •  VTS Cairns and Local Port Rules
  • 2017 Sailing Events Calendar

For more information please contact Neil or Bill

2018 CYC Safety Management Plan and Aquatic Licence (PLEASE READ)

CYC – Safety Management Plan 2018 – 2019 – Updated Jan 2018

As you would all be aware for each of the CYC events it is requirement of all boat skippers/ owners and crew to operate under the CYC Safety Management Plan and inline with the Approved Aquatic Licence.

The plan is to conduct a MANDATORY ALL SKIPPERS BRIEFING in the near future but to ensure that you are aware of the clubs obligations I have now included the relevant document on the website which can be accessed by following the links below: The Aquatic Licence approval and key requirements are be put up in the boatshed soon or can be accessed by emailing the office



TRIVA NIGHT 3rd of June- How well do you know your trivia?

SAVE the DATE !!

On the 3rd of June, the CYC is hosting a Trivia night for CYC members, family, and friends..

This fun evening will test your knowledge I am sure will include questions relating to our own clubs facts and figures: For example ” who was Sam Cadman ?” – Do you know the answer – if you do you should put together a team….

Great prizes, great fun and a special “DRAWN ON THE NIGHT RAFFLE” will be held – with prizes donated by our generous sponsors..

For more information please contact Lyn  or the CYC Office

We are looking for sponsors and prizes.. our long term friends at Fitzroy Island are the first to donate – PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS AS THEY SUPPORT US]


Race Officer Seminar in FNQ – Expression of interest sought from interested parties

YQ is proposing to conduct a Club Level Race Officer Seminar in North Queensland for possibly one day on the weekend of the 20th – 21st June.

This one day course will be of interest to those who are keen to learn how to conduct club races under the YQ rules.. As the CYC is conducting more events in the coming months, it would be great to be able to a pool of people we can draw up to conduct regatta and races.

Invite to Meet YQ CEO and discuss how they can support CYC activiteis

On the 26th of Feburary Ben Callard – CEO of YQ is visiting the Cairns Yacht Club. This is an opportunity to discuss how YQ can support our club in 2015. the meeting will be held in the regetta room at 5.30pm If you have any questions please contact Scott

YQ has the potential to support our activities at the CYC eg gaining access to grants, training etc. This is good opportunty to build a relationship, ask those difficult questions, and find out what they can offer us in 2015

SAGS Handicaps

Yacht Skipper Handicap Last Race
e Doc Gavin Le Seuer 1.085 19/07/14
Leitning Storm Michael Leitner 1.085 30/11/14
Out of the Blue Frank Brace 0.885 30/11/14
Ruby Soho John Harlen 0.856 30/11/14
The Secret John Bohle 0.848 15/11/14
Wild Spirit Bob Cleland 0.847 30/11/14
Chalkie’s Chariot Bob Gray 0.835 25/10/14
Berocca Daze Mickey Dousset 0.828 22/02/14
Dreamagic Alan Littlefield 0.809 25/10/14
Volaré Neil Robson 0.804 30/11/14
Innocent Bystander Mal Stevens 0.792 16/11/14
Kaizen2 Bruce Clarke 0.769 16/11/14
Now or Never John Poole 0.765 19/07/14
Death Star Neil Robson 0.762 11/05/14
Scary Legs Graeme Lordan 0.760 30/11/14
Fast Forward Brian Dowling 0.744 16/11/14
J24 Adrian Adrian Mohle 0.741 11/10/14
Morphun Bill Munro 0.734 30/11/14
J24 Brian Brian Dowling 0.733 31/08/14
Mai Oui Tony Ritter 0.730 19/07/14
Restless Rob Cleland 0.729 19/07/14
Lakatoi Kerri Adams 0.725 31/08/14
J24 Scott Scott Davis 0.696 29/06/14
Mistral Tina Webb 0.688 30/08/14
Valkyrie Adam White 0.687 31/08/14
Murphy’s Law Max Kean 0.682 31/08/14
Single Malt Linda Barnett 0.680 30/11/14
Cool Me Down Andrew McLean 0.657 19/04/14
Wildfire Phillip May 0.620 30/11/14
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