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Sail Cairns Festival Cup results

Check out the Sail Cairns Festival Cup results. Thank you to all competitors and volunteers, and congratulations to our winners:-

Division 1   Wild Spirit

Division 2   Kaizen2

King of the Island   The flying Dutch women

Off the beach Division Overall results:

  • 1st place – The flying Dutch women, Marja Beattie-Van Helden
    2nd place – Gemma, Bill Wiltshire
    3rd place – the ducks nuts, Jai Tooley

Click on the links below to view the results.

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Changed Sailing Instructions for Dick Cater & Lindsay Joice Series

Yacht Division races will be held as scheduled this coming weekend. Additional races will be held on 17 May where each race which will be the postponed races from the Dick Cater Series as well as the Lindsay Joice Series — so the two races on 17 May will incorporate the first two races in the Lindsay Joice Series and the final two races in the Dick Cater Series.

The following link contains the changed Sailing Instructions.

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SAGS Handicaps

Yacht Skipper Handicap Last Race
e Doc Gavin Le Seuer 1.085 19/07/14
Leitning Storm Michael Leitner 1.085 30/11/14
Out of the Blue Frank Brace 0.885 30/11/14
Ruby Soho John Harlen 0.856 30/11/14
The Secret John Bohle 0.848 15/11/14
Wild Spirit Bob Cleland 0.847 30/11/14
Chalkie’s Chariot Bob Gray 0.835 25/10/14
Berocca Daze Mickey Dousset 0.828 22/02/14
Dreamagic Alan Littlefield 0.809 25/10/14
Volaré Neil Robson 0.804 30/11/14
Innocent Bystander Mal Stevens 0.792 16/11/14
Kaizen2 Bruce Clarke 0.769 16/11/14
Now or Never John Poole 0.765 19/07/14
Death Star Neil Robson 0.762 11/05/14
Scary Legs Graeme Lordan 0.760 30/11/14
Fast Forward Brian Dowling 0.744 16/11/14
J24 Adrian Adrian Mohle 0.741 11/10/14
Morphun Bill Munro 0.734 30/11/14
J24 Brian Brian Dowling 0.733 31/08/14
Mai Oui Tony Ritter 0.730 19/07/14
Restless Rob Cleland 0.729 19/07/14
Lakatoi Kerri Adams 0.725 31/08/14
J24 Scott Scott Davis 0.696 29/06/14
Mistral Tina Webb 0.688 30/08/14
Valkyrie Adam White 0.687 31/08/14
Murphy’s Law Max Kean 0.682 31/08/14
Single Malt Linda Barnett 0.680 30/11/14
Cool Me Down Andrew McLean 0.657 19/04/14
Wildfire Phillip May 0.620 30/11/14
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