Vale Neil harbrow

A post by CYC Life Member Bob Cleland

The recent anniversary of the passing of my close and much admired sailing mate Neil, some 15 years ago now, brought to mind some of the many similarly notable and well respected Cairns Yacht Club sailing members who have also passed away during the last 20 or so years.
All of the yachtsmen (though not a complete list) did so much to raise the yacht racing profile of the club during their time with us, so I would like to take the opportunity to record their names (in no particular order) as a tribute to each of them.
Clive Muir (Gunga Din/Duplex/Farrocious)

Gary Dunne (Hot Bubbles/Hot Bubbles 2)

Rob & Peter Leitner (Mazza Mazza/Gotcha/Gotcha Covered)

Lindsay Joice & Ross Edwards (Sundowner/Summerwind)

John Jamieson (Southern Hustler)

John O’Dell (Sailmaker/Sailmaker 2/Grizzly Adams/Roaring XXXX)

Stafford Steer (Krakatoa/Spirit of Cairns)

Steve Smith (Golden Era/Argent en Plastique)

Jim Clark (Waratah/Moving On)

Mike Krivohlavy (Gray Whale)

Stan Elfstrom (Slepjner/Cindalee)

Vic Wilmott (Storm Bill)

Steve Westley (Monique)

Nick Rose & Wayne Brewer (O What a Beautiful J)

Ron Thiele (Chimera)

Lance Gane (Star Ferry)

Ted Manning(Beware of the Dog)

David Kelly (Wilparina)

Norm Barnes (5 foot 7 and a half)

May they Rest In Peace

More sad news….

It is with deep sadness that we share the news of 2 other former CYC members passing away last month.

Nigel Latham was a member of CYC for 6 years or so, and sailed regularly in regattas and Wags, before moving to Adelaide a few years ago with his wife Julie.  He was part owner of Vanguard before its demise. He died on Monday 3rd May, too young at the age of 58, from cancer. He and Julie were married at Easter. He sent me a txt saying lest we forget on Anzac Day. He was a gentle giant and will be terribly missed by all who knew him. 
RIP Lest we forget Nigel,
Mudgee and Adrian 

Also we received news from London that on May 5th Cedric Mortimer passed away.

He was a long time member and the owner of Footloose, he regularly attended Wags and races when he wasn’t away overseas working, up until his health started failing.

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