Articles of Association


Carpark Bylaw

Date adopted: 19 August 2014

Priority for carparking will be extended to those who are contributing to regular club sailing events (“the Priority Group”). It follows that other authorised club members are welcome to use the carpark at any other time. Currently the following times and days are set aside for event organizers and participants holding a valid swipe card with a current CYC sticker displayed on their motor vehicle:

  • Tuesday 1630 to 1930 hrs
  • Wednesday 1030 to 1730 hrs
  • Saturday 0800 to 1730 hrs
  • Some Sundays check our Schedule of Events

The times and days may vary according to event scheduling (or rescheduling). Dates of events are advised each week by email or can be checked on the notice board at the Boatshed or
Drivers who are not in the Priority Group must vacate the carpark at all of the above times to allow event organizers and participants access to the facilities. Failure to comply will incur serious sanctions, which will involve further costs to be borne by offending members and cancellation of members’ carpark swipe card.


One Day Membership Bylaw

Date adopted: 22 January 2013

The CYC Committee has determined that a one day associate membership should be issued to interested persons attending the Club’s sailing events on a one off or casual basis. Such persons will be required to pay the fee as determined by the committee from time to time. In return for paying the required fee on the day of the event, the person will be granted associate membership for that day. The usual requirements for completing an application form, being proposed by a current member, and seconded by a current member will be waived for the one day associate membership.

Committee Secretary

Post Box Usage Bylaw

The CYC Committee has determined that the Club Post Office Box should only be used for Club business and not as a convenience for members resident in Cairns. The Committee will allow visiting yacht owners who apply for honorary membership to use the Club post office box for the duration of their stay in Cairns. This By-law will come into effect from 1st February 2012 and Club members who are currently using the post box are asked to make other arrangements. From the 1st March 2012 any mail not addressed to the Club or Committee approved honorary members will be marked “Return to Sender” and placed back in the postal system.