A Bit About Us

The Cairns Yacht Club overlooks the waterfront of Trinity Inlet, in the main city area of Cairns, in Far North Queensland, where it has been active for over 114 years. Located at 145.17.05E and 16.58.00S the club offers the joys of sailing in various forms in the balmy tropical climate of North Eastern Australia. The history of the club itself stretches over 114 years and makes very interesting reading so we do suggest you have a look at our history page for more details. The club offers a range of sailing activities with a focus on keel boat and junior dinghy sailing. It’s WAGS (Wednesday Afternoon Go Sailing), which has been running now every Wednesday for over 40 years, has become “infamous” as a fabulous way for visitors to “get on the water”. Meet some local yachting identities and enjoy both the competitive and social nature of sailing. It is estimated that since WAGS’ inception the club has been responsible for taking over 28,000 visitors out onto the beautiful waters of Trinity Inlet.

The club also boasts an outrigger canoe paddling fleet which is becoming very popular with the locals. Visitors are welcome to participate.

The Club has a waterfront lease at Ellis Beach, a very picturesque beach area just 30 minutes drive north of the city on the road to Port Douglas, where outriggers and “off the beach catamarans” regularly compete. Members of the club are welcome to visit this facility and even stay overnight as there are sufficient grounds and resources to allow camping to take place when regattas are being held.
In 2003 the Cairns Yacht Club was provisionally listed as a Heritage listed building and facility. Unfortunately, at the eleventh hour this listing was reversed. The club now faces a new future in a new facility and located within the Cairns Marlin Marina. The club will continue to work closely together with the Cairns community as it continues it’s second century in the development and involvement in sailing and boating in it’s various forms.