Important Notice to CYC Members

PUBLIC NOTICE – IMPORTANT, PLEASE READ:  Access to the Cairns Yacht Club pontoon is strictly off-limits to all non-members.  You can contact the Marlin Marina on 4052 3866 if you wish to request access to the public dinghy wharf.   Any trespassing tenders may be retrieved from the Marlin Marina dinghy wharf, where Ports North will release it upon payment of any fees due.



We have great facilities at the CYC but as the club gets bigger, they are getting more stretched.  Our pontoon is one of them, and often legitimate dinghies can’t land members because of congestion caused by unauthorised access.


Our solution to this problem is three-fold.  The first being a pontoon extension which will allow more (& easier) member access.  Unfortunately however this is a very expensive exercise therefore, as of 1st July, 2015 there will be an annual fee of $150 for dinghy tie-up, available to CYC Members only.  Members who purchase dinghy access will be issued with a vinyl sticker which will need to be displayed on the inside of the dinghy’s transom.  In addition to displaying a sticker, you will need to register your dinghy with the club via email.  This is a simple procedure requiring a brief description of your dinghy’s distinguishing feature/s and it’s registration number.  Please entitle your email “Dinghy Registration”.  You will need to ensure you follow these 3 steps – pay, display, register – to avoid any adverse “trespass action” being taken by the club (refer to Public Notice above).  We apologise for any inconvenience these changes cause, however we are confident you will find it worthwhile when you experience the resultant ease in congestion.  Thanks for your understanding and cooperation in this matter.