Dick Cater Series – 19th April & 17th of May 2015 (club championship Races)

The Dick Cater Race Series, 19th of April and the 17th of May Sailing Instructions


Justin Business Card copyFirst Prize Sponsored by Townville Yacht & Boat Brokerage

Race 1 and 4 contribute the 2015 club championship.

Nomination fees – For the series, or for a day of races must be received by 18:00, Thursday evening prior to the race. Race Entry Fee of $60 for 2 days or $40 for 1 day of Racing. Nomination forms available on the CYC website or you can nominate via our online form.

Dick Cater Short Course Series SI 2015

For more information or contact Gordo or Bill

Nomination forms are available at here

or if you wish to try our new e-version of the nomination form please complete the form below:


Please Note: This form must be FULLY completed and virtually SIGNED by the owner or authorized representative in order for the entry to be accepted. Nominations must be lodged in accordance with the Sailing Instructions and Notice of Race.