WAGS results 8th April, handicaps for 15th April.

The green machine, Barefoot returned with a hard fought victory over Now or Never. After a lot of hard work and expense, Warren raced Barefoot in Wags for the first time in over 2 years. John on Now or Never worked his way to the front only to be overtaken on the second last leg by Barefoot.

Third place went to J24 Girl Talk skippered by Brian who managed to clear away from the other J24 skiippered by Tony. A fleet of 9 boats took part in fluctuating winds. As new member Rod stated “What a fantastic day to be on the water , now or never thought they had the rum until the green machine came through like a run away train so a very well deserved win to Wazza the boat just looked magnificent ( and you did sail to the optermine) look out when you know what she can do. As far as the after sail drinks it was really good to see so many enjoying our facility. “