*IMPORTANT* New CYC Dinghy Registration

no mooringWe have great facilities at CYC but as the club gets bigger, they are getting more stretched. The dinghy wharf is one of them, and often legitimate dinghies can’t land members because of visitors craft. We did have the CYC sticker system as a way of identifying those boats with legitimate rights to be there from casual visitors, but unfortunately with stickers being available off the window of every members car that only kept honest people honest. SO,

In future your dinghy needs to be registered with the CYC to be allowed there. If it isn’t, sticker or not, padlocked or not, you can retrieve it from the Marlin Marina dinghy wharf where Ports North will release it upon payment of any fees due. Tough measures but mooring is part of the benefit of being a member of CYC.

You can register your dinghy here:

You will still need to display the current CYC sticker on your dinghy, and PLEASE moor it to the dock using a LONG painter so that other users can get in.

Thank you