Sync your calendar with ours

Never miss a thing! If you have a Google account, this site will automatically update your personal calendar. No excuses now for “I forgot”

If you do not have a Google calendar, you will need to go into your gmail account and open one. You need to be logged into your account.

Then, follow this as a one off:

Go to

Click on +Google Calendar at the bottom of Calendar
If you are logged in, it will show My Calendars on the left and Other Calendars under that.
Click the arrow next to Other Calendars
Click “Add by URL”
Paste the following URL:
Do this once and you’re set.
To use, click on an item in the CYC calendar. Open it, read about it, if you want to add it to your calendar select add “Add to my Calendar” Easy!
Not working? Try this: